As Art Engineers, we blend technology and light to evoke emotion, collaborating with brands, artists, and the automotive industry to create immersive art installations.

Where Art Meets Engineering

Studio Waldemeyer, established in 2004 by Moritz Waldemeyer and later joined by Nazanin Farahbod, is a dynamic design studio renowned for integrating art, design, and technology

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“Moritz has the most up-to-date technology but also understands the aesthetics of design, and that is something one doesn’t encounter every day.”

Nadja Swarovski


Our diverse clientele includes renowned musicians, global brands, and leading designers. From bespoke installations to interactive experiences, each project showcases our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Our Vision

At Studio Waldemeyer, we believe in the transformative power of light. Our passion for experimentation and exploration drives us to create objects and experiences that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

“My process is the same as any artist. A painter needs paint and canvases to express their art. A photographer a camera and a dark room. I’m no different. My canvases are lights and my tools are LEDs and technology.”

⏤ Moritz Waldemeyer

“Waldemeyer is at the forefront of mechatronics, a rapidly growing engineering field that creates design innovations for concept cars, smart weapons and space shuttles. What sets Waldemeyer apart from most gearheads is his eagerness to apply his technological know-how to whimsically creative endeavours.”

New York Times

20 year anniversary

2024 marks a significant milestone for Studio Waldemeyer as we celebrate 20 years of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Join us as we reflect on our journey and look forward to shaping the future of design. With over two decades of groundbreaking projects, we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Since 2004 Studio Waldemeyer has worked on many groundbreaking projects, with many iconic brands, artists and organizations

Meet our founders

Moritz Waldemeyer, an engineering luminary, and Nazanin Farahbod, a visionary designer, lead our team with their unparalleled expertise and dedication to excellence. Together, they form a powerhouse duo committed to pushing the limits of artistic expression. 

"What Mozart is for music, Moritz Waldemeyer is for lighting art."

Safet Satara

“My projects use electrical engineering to create intelligent behavior,” he says. “But what I do is hard to define, because it goes across so many disciplines.”

Architectural Digest

“Revolution lighting installation by Moritz Waldemeyer. Watch as space, line and proportion are brought to life with bright lights.”

Wallpaper Magazine

Meet our founders

The studio's journey unfolds with Moritz's initiation of groundbreaking collaborations, where he pioneers the invention of new technologies and crafts unprecedented light installations and products. Nazanin's integration into the studio marks a natural evolution, steering their focus towards the creation of original works that bear the distinctive signature aesthetics of Studio Waldemeyer.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life through creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail.

Boisbuchet Light Installation by Studio Waldemeyer
The Olympic Games Ceremony, Rio de janeiro
Our approach

In essence, Studio Waldemeyer's narrative is one of technological ingenuity and engineering excellence, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of art, design, and innovation. Through our collaborative efforts, the studio continues to attach advanced technologies to projects, pushing the envelope of what is possible in the intersection of creativity and engineering.


Studio Waldemeyer offers a comprehensive suite of services, from concept development to installation. Whether it's a large-scale art installation or a custom-designed product, we approach every endeavor with passion and precision.


Explore our portfolio to discover a diverse range of projects showcasing our versatility and ingenuity. From interactive light sculptures to futuristic fashion designs, each piece reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of art and technology.

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Technology meets tradition

Nazanin, co-founder of Studio Waldemeyer, reminisced on her childhood in Iran, saying, "In my youth, the flickering candle was our sole source of light during blackouts, yet it inevitably faded away. I yearned for a light that could endure. When I first encountered Moritz’ technical candle, its innovation struck me profoundly."

One of Waldemeyer’s well-known projects is the technological candle flame. This revolutionary LED candle, born from a decade-long journey, combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design, redefining the traditional candle experience.

Initially conceived as an experiment to replicate the natural movement of a candle flame, 'my Candle Flame' overcomes manufacturing cost barriers through groundbreaking LED engineering. By starting from the bare silicon die, Studio Waldemeyer achieves a minimalist design that retains the essence of the original concept while significantly reducing production costs.