laRinascente – WinterWonder

laRinascente's windows with WinterWonder Installation

laRinascente’s windows with WinterWonder Installation

For Christmas 2013,  Milan plays host to Moritz Waldemeyer’s latest installation, WinterWonder, at laRinascente.

Stretched across eight windows, WinterWonder features 1,300 laser cut forex snowflakes, that emerge from the historic halls of laRinascente, presenting a dynamic collision of history and modernity.

WinterWonder depicts a frozen moment in time as Santa Claus has just surged through laRinascente on his journey to deliver presents to the children of the world, leaving a delicate and complex vortex of snowflakes in his wake.

View from the Milan dome

View from the Milan dome

WinterWonder - laRinascente

Snow storm passing along the Rinascente windows

Snow flake detail

Snow flake detail

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